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Volunteer supports Fare For All

By 3rd December, 2014 The Villa Comments Off

A local volunteer is putting forth extra effort to make a difference in the lives of others by assisting with a food provider program.

Patsy Quinn of NYA recently started going the extra mile to help Fare For All, a local food program created to make fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable to Twin Cities families.

Quinn, who works as an administrative assistant for Bongards Creameries in Chanhassen, now picks up the food packages at Crown of Glory Church in Chaska before delivering them to NYA. Currently a part of the Emergency Food Shelf Network, Fare For All used to operate out of a warehouse in New Hope before closing that and moving to the 30 drop sites across Minnesota, including the Chaska location. Quinn, who grew up in Cologne and graduated from Waconia High School in 1965, first started volunteering about 12 years ago when Marilyn Zellmann shared the idea with her.  Quinn then became not only a customer, but also a key volunteer for Fare For All. “At grocery stores, $20 doesn’t buy a whole lot,” she said. “Personally to go to the grocery store and buy meat, I get scared of the prices.”

In addition to food packages, left-over bread is also provided at the NYA site. “I usually try to bring a variety for the people so everyone has some,” she said. Quinn, as well as other local volunteers for Fare For All including Mary Lou Teubert and Orville Bachmann are certainly making a difference in NYA with residents picking up about 15 to 20 packages in November at Peace Village.

The change to Peace Village from the previous location of the Lions Building is making an impact also.
“Some of the people that live here don’t have vehicles and don’t drive,” said Quinn. “For them to go and get their package, it didn’t work.” Orders must be taken in advance for the packages, which typically offer 40 percent in savings part of the goals of Fare For All to provide savings by purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen meats in bulk and delivering savings to customers.

“Many families have been forced to cut back on fresh produce and lean meats because of ever-shrinking food budgets,” said Sophia Lenarz-Coy, the program director for Fare For All. “The program is designed to help make affordable, healthy foods available to those families — especially during the holiday season.”

The program has no income requirements and is open to everyone who is looking to save money. To order for the Dec. 18 distribution, contact Patsy Quinn at (952) 466-3304.  Peace Villa is located at 308 N. Faxon Road. For additional dates and a map of Fare For All locations, visit www.fareforall.org.