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With Haven project on the horizon, Harbor continues success

By 25th October, 2015 The Harbor, The Haven Comments Off

Peace Villa and its buildings are well positioned for the future, according The Harbor Housing Manager Laurie Hilgers. In approving the Harbor 2016 budget on Monday, Oct. 12, NYA council members also heard an update from Hilgers on the Harbor as well as the Haven project.  While Peace Village operates independently of the city with Peace Villa Inc. and Ecumen management, like the Haven, the Harbor is run within the city so council members needed to approve the budget.

Operating revenues are expected to total $1,384,600 in 2016 with operating expenses expected to total $1,353,316.Hilgers said the Harbor continues to remain full in occupancy, with 39 residences in 36 apartments, and does maintain a consistent wait list.  The three couples are a highlight for the Harbor.  “We haven’t seen that for a number of years,” she said.

“As the Harbor’s rate grows, we’ve seeing an influx of more couples coming in.”The key focus remains the Haven though.  Once built the facility will house 37 units, with 25 units of assisted living and 12 units of memory care. Connected to Peace Villa, which was built in 1978 and has 61 apartments that currently house 110 seniors, and The Harbor, which was constructed in 2006, it will enhance the community.

The $6.9 million project is funded with USDA Rural Development Loans acquired through the city which will be paid back with proceeds from The Haven.  Hilgers said some staff costs will be shared with the Harbor and the Haven. “We’re kind of going to split the cost 50-50 until with the establishment of the Haven,” said Hilgers, adding that 20 to 25 part time employees will be hired. “That’s a plus for the community.” In addition, the Haven is required to have a kitchen because of its size, which was not anticipated originally but was added to design plans in January.

A real positive sign for Hilgers is the 9 to 12 month wait list on the Harbor, a list that is growing with the anticipated opening of the Haven in March. Hilgers said she has an early goal of filling the Haven by the end of 2016 which should help make it a success like the Harbor. “Financially we’re doing great with the money we generate yearly and it’s not being a tax burden,” Hilgers said of the Harbor. “It’s been a great community project and we’re hopeful for the Haven as well from the same standpoints.”